Spring Onions (Scallions)

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Why Grow It

Easy to grow, useful and deliciously mild, spring onions (also known as scallions) are the quintessential salad crop. They can be grown in containers or anywhere you have some space. They are also relatively problem free so they are an ideal veg for beginner growers.

  • Spring onions can be sown direct or in modules.
  • If sowing direct, sow from March to June thinly, 1cm deep, in rows 15cm apart.
  • If sowing in modules you can also sow around 10 seeds, 1cm deep per module from March to June.
  • Transplant modules 15cm apart in 15cm rows, when the plants are around 10cm tall.
  • Weed control is very important. Hoe between the rows to keep weeds down and hand weed along the rows.
  • For the direct sown crop, it can be difficult to control grass weeds as they look very similar to the young onion seedlings.
  • Harvest by carefully removing the largest onions and leaving the remainder to grow on.
  • Ishikura Bunching
  • White Lisbon

They generally don’t get affected by pests or diseases.

  • Spring onions are great raw in salads, but they are a classic stir-fry vegetable too.
  • Don’t forget that thinnings of regular bulb varieties of onion can be used as “spring” onions too.