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Why Grow It

Try eating a raw radish with a bit of butter and some seasoning and you have all the reasons you need to grow them. Crunchy, peppery and delicious. They are tremendously easy to grow and mature quickly, so there’s a quick return – ideal if you are just starting out. Don’t dismiss them as a one-trick veg though – there are dozens of varieties, including turnip-sized winter radishes that can be stored over the winter.

  • Radishes should be sown directly into soil, beds or containers from March to August.
  • Sow thinly 1cm deep in rows 15cm apart.
  • Thin to 3cm apart after emergence/germination.
  • Radish will grow in any reasonable soil.
  • Water if soil dries out, but do not over water as this will encourage too much leafy growth.
  • Radish plants will be ready to eat within a month, which is one of the fastest growing times of all vegetables.
  • To test if your radish is ready pull one out and test it before harvesting the rest.
  • Don’t let them get too big as they become overly peppery and “woody”.
  • Short Top Forcing
  • Slugs can be a problem, so keep the area clean and trap or use a less toxic slug pellet like iron phosphate.
  • Cabbage root fly can eat holes through the radishes – use an insect net if there is a problem
  • Fast growing radishes are often sown between rows of slower growing vegetables, as they can be harvested without upsetting the other veg.
  • They are a brassica, so ideally you should keep them in the brassica group in your rotation plan.
  • Radish tops can be used in soups.