Learn how to grow 12 veg in 12 weeks with Mick Kelly. Get started before mid-July for best results

There is no better feeling than putting some of your own food on the table. In this online version of GIY’s Founder Mick Kelly’s popular course How Food Grows, Mick will show you how to grow 12 delicious vegetables in 12 weeks. From seed to harvest, containers to the back garden, Mick will show you everything you need to do, each step of the way.

Season 1

Episode 1

Potatoes – Far from humble, the potato is a great source of nutrition, and surely the most versatile vegetable in terms of how it can be cooked.

Episode 1

Just get started. All you need are seeds, compost and containers, plus Mick’s seed sowing masterclass.

Episode 4

Raised beds give you the ability to grow almost anywhere, allowing you to choose the size, location and style you wish.

Episode 2

The secret ingredient to delicious and nutritious food. While it might seem mysterious and can be easily overlooked, understanding the health of your soil will set you up for success.

Episode 3

Container growing offers convenience in a range of ways, removing the need for digging, weeding and some pest control as well.

Episode 5

A milestone make-or-break moment, and also a great time to turn your food growing into a gift.

Episode 6

Plants know what they need to do to become food. Our job is to make sure nothing gets in their way.

Episode 7

Check out our top tips and tricks for dealing with the villain of the garden – slugs.

Episode 8

Succession sowing is a transformative method of growing as it changes the way we think about growing food.

Episode 9

It’s time to look at all factors that can prevent your precious veg from flourishing and why competitors don’t always have to be a bad thing.

Episode 10

How do you know what’s the right amount of water to giving to your plants? We’ve got the answers in this weeks episode.

Episode 11

Once you veg has been growing for a couple of weeks it is expected that we will have some hungry plants that require more feed to keep them thriving.

Episode 12

It’s finally time for us to enjoy the fruits of our labour by harvesting some veg!