The GIY Garlic Story

A man walks into a supermarket…

This is told at least once a day down GIY way. If it hasn’t been told yet today, and you hear Michael clear his throat, run. When we hear the start of this story we all get really busy, out in the garden, digging a trench, to hide in. Nonetheless this is our origin story whether we’re sick of it or not and everyone has to hear it. So we’ll tell you once and hopefully, like chicken pox, you’ll be immune for life. But like chicken pox, there’s no guarantee.

This is Michael’s version of a Road to Damascus conversion, his eureka moment, his apple falling from the tree.

It takes place in a supermarket, an unlikely location for an epiphany I grant you, but bear with us…

Once upon a time there was a pale, chubby IT salesman called Michael, or Mick, but never Mike. One day Mick was food shopping for the family. Mick likes garlic, so Mick decided to buy some garlic. Good man Mick. But, wait a minute, what’s this?! On a 90cent garlic bulb the sticker read “product of China”. Now Mick has nothing against the Chinese per se. But China is a good 5,000 miles away from Ireland. And garlic is not exactly fussy. It’s not like a panda, it doesn’t need a specific temperature and nutrition and mood music and all that malarkey. So why the hell did someone decide to treat this garlic to the trip of a lifetime for 90cent a bulb?

That was the moment, the one on which Mick’s entire life pivoted. Not content to remain a pale, chubby, foreign-garlic-buying IT salesman any longer he sallied forth from that mid-priced supermarket to grow his own damn garlic! And thus began the GIY story….