Episode 1 - Potatoes

Composting And Using The Brown Bin

Has Karen's trip to the composters inspired you to rethink some habits? Let us help you make some positive changes... Find out More

Sweet Potato Versus White Potato

“White potatoes are local, seasonal, fresh and nutritious without the food miles and high cost of sweet potatoes” Michael Kelly. We lay out the facts on the sweet potato and how it measures up to the homegrown spud. Find out More

Mud Island Community Garden

Hear from the community how a once-derelict site is now a gorgeous, productive garden at the heart of community.... Find out More


Blight is a normal part of veg growing in Ireland it's not the end of the world... Find out More

Skills Tutorial Episode 1 Potato Planting

Head Grower at GROW HQ, Richard Mee, sows chitted seed potatoes and explains the difference between 'earlies' and 'maincrop'. Find out More

Potato Growing Guide

How to grow Ireland's favourite veg at home... Find out More

Recipe- HQ HOMEMADE Boulangere Potatoes

Find out More