GROWCircle Corporate Engagement Programme

GROWCircle is our Corporate Wellness and Sustainability Programme. The programme is designed to make growing food easy and accessible for employees, while supporting your organisation’s sustainability and wellbeing efforts. GROWCircle tools are both tangible and digital, and are ideal for employees who are working remotely, on-site, or on a hybrid working model.

By joining GROWCircle, teams can:

  • Grow up to 12 different veg with our 6-week growing challenge
  • Engage in a shared growing experience with peers
  • Learn how to live a more food sustainable life and reduce the environmental impact of our food
  • Connect with the wider GROWCircle partner network and engage in peer learning and community collaboration with like-minded organisations.

About GROWCircle

GIY’s GROWCircle programme is designed to inspire employees to make more sustainable food choices at home and in the workplace. This 6-month employee wellness and engagement programme includes a bespoke launch event, monthly webinars, and premium access to the GIY app with in-built team challenges and leader boards, to create a shared experience among your teams.

Our GROWCircle programme consists of 4 elements:

GIY Starter Box


GROWCircle begins with GROWBox – a food growing starter kit for hands-on participation, enabling employees to get a deep understanding of sustainable food production and “food empathy”. We’ve got a range of GROWBoxes to suit everyone, from beginners to more experienced growers, for any growing space, and at any time of year. We’ll help you to pick a kit to best suit your team for a unified growing experience.



Enjoy premium access to the GIY app, with a vast catalogue of tips and tricks, weekly challenges, quizzes, and how-to videos, including sustainable recipes from GROW HQ’s award-winning Head Chef. Showcasing the best of the veg patch, plus sustainable approaches to meat and dairy, the app challenges are hand-picked for simplicity, taste, and a bit of adventure. The app breaks the GIY journey down to simple steps that reward you along the way.

Webinar Series and Q&A

Get exclusive access to our monthly webinars, with leading experts in health, food, sustainability, and environmental industries. Join in the conversation and become more informed on how you can make small but impactful changes, to live and work more sustainably. Afterwards, join us at the “Potting Shed” for a Q&A session with our GIY experts.

GIY Peer Impact

Peer Impact Series

Quarterly, we facilitate workshop with our Year 2 GROWCircle partners to encourage peer learning, community collaboration, and impact measurement. Engage in themed roundtable discussions through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals – examine the current state of affairs, explore ways in which you can learn from your stakeholders, acquire knowledge and tools for effectively communicating your impact, and gain ideas for motivating your team.

Get In Touch

For more information about our GROWCircle Corporate Engagement Programme, please contact our Business Development Coordinator, Jane Foley: