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GIY’s GROWCircle employee engagement programme is a simple, effective way of inspiring employees to make healthier and more sustainable food choices at work and at home.  

The tools we provide, tangibly and digitally, highlight the close ties between planetary health and human health. The programme consists of 4 elements: 


A food growing starter kit for hands-on participation, enabling employees to get a deep understanding of sustainable food production and “food empathy”.  

GIY Growbox


App Subscription

Premium access to the GIY app, with hundreds of bite-sized pieces of content helping you to grow, cook and eat more healthily and sustainably, and engage in some friendly competition with your team!

GIY Webinar Series

Exclusive access to our monthly “Food Sustainability 101” webinars, where we host discussions with leading experts surrounding health, food, sustainability, and environmental matters. 

Peer Impact Series

Exclusive access to quarterly roundtable discussions with industry leaders and other GROWCircle partners for peer learning, community collaboration and impact measurement.  

For more information on this range of products and supports, please contact our Business Development Coordinator Jane at  

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