GIY Groups

A GIY Group is a group of people that are passionate about Growing It Yourself. It can be any community group that engages with GIY
To start a GIY Group, check out the GIY Groups on ChangeX.
ChangeX is a platform for community innovations that uses some great up to date technology to connect people like you with people like us. They host our GIY Community pages so you can search or set one up online very easily.

The Background

It all started when journalist Michael Kelly had a Road to Damascus moment in a supermarket in Waterford, Ireland, when he realised some garlic he was about to buy was imported from China. He decided there and then to try growing his own garlic. He soon realised however, that he wasn’t very good at it. He went in search of a local food growers group so that he could learn from some real experts and get to know other like-minded folk in the area. But there was no such group, and being a sucker for a hare-brained project, Michael decided to set one up. 100 people showed up at the first meeting of GIY Waterford and the group continues to meet monthly in the city.

With the help of a merry band of Waterford GIYers, Michael helped GIY groups to get started in towns all over Ireland, from Navan to Nenagh, Belfast to Bantry, Limerick to Lucan.

An idea that started local, went regional, then national and now international. Our ambition is to help 4 million people to grow some of their own food between now and 2025.

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