Bioregional Weaving Lab Waterford

Building a resilient food system that supports thriving landscapes, seascapes and communities.

From our home in Co. Waterford, GIY has joined four other regions in Europe, who have each set up Bioregional Weaving Labs, to explore how we can collectively build new ways of working for a better world. We call it a collective impact approach to the societal and environmental challenges we face locally and globally.

  • BIOREGION: an area, defined by ecological features and the communities with it, that is large enough to support potential collaboration for sustainable and regenerative futures.
  • WEAVING: the process by which stakeholders – farmers, policymakers, innovators, NGOs, citizens and corporates – learn together how to interconnect people, projects and places around a shared purpose.
  • LAB: a convening concept and place for supporting the testing and implementing of nature-based solutions, social innovations and new ways of collaborating for collective impact.
Ashoka, Commonland and Presencing Institute

Our Vision:

A biodiverse and climate positive future with healthy ecosystems, regenerative economies and thriving communities.

Our Mission:

Mobilising 1 million changemakers by 2025 to restore, protect and regenerate 1 million hectares of land and sea in Europe, with significant impact on four returns by 2030.

Why establish a Bioregional Weaving Lab in Waterford? ​

Co. Waterford is a region where landscape and seascapes would have traditionally supported local communities to thrive in harmony with the ecological potential to support them.

The current situation is, however, more characterised by extractive business practices – taking from the land, the soils and the local economy. This is combined with an increasing awareness of the fragility of our situation and the harmful effects of such systems.

There is an increasing determination to do something that will restore and regenerate the ecosystems we live in. No one person or organisation can do this alone, but together we can. ​

GIY and our local and European partners – Ashoka, Commonland and Presencing Institute – are therefore aiming to mobilise stakeholders in Waterford to build a collective initiative that makes positive change and a resilient food system that supports a thriving landscape, seascape and communities.

Our four returns:

  • Inspiration
  • Natural
  • Social
  • Financial

join the BWL Waterford movement:

Join us and be part of a movement to discover together how a bioregion can make positive change. Farmers, corporates, NGOs, politicians and other individuals are all welcome.

We will start by having individual and collective conversations around successful nature-based solutions and social innovations, and what it would mean to weave these together for a resilient food system, thriving landscapes and communities.

For those that are interested more widely, you will be included in our European network of leading thinkers and doers in this field and have the chance to  participate in a deeper learning journey for you and your organisation.

For more information contact Programme Weaver, Sarah Prosser: [email protected]


On Earth Day 2022, GIY and partners launched the Bioregional Weaving Lab Waterford with a vision of creating a resilient food system that supports thriving landscapes, seascapes and communities in Waterford.

Part of a European network with the mission of mobilising 1 million changemakers by 2025 to restore, protect and regenerate 1 million ha of Europe’s land and sea, with significant impact on four returns by 2030.