Your Legacy For Generations to Come

The Problem

Food production is responsible for almost a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, while habitat loss from allocating land for food production is the main driver of biodiversity loss. Globally more than 690 million people remain undernourished, while diet is the leading cause of mortality in the developed world.

The Solution

While food production is one of the key problems, it is also an accessible part of the solution. A proven impact is Food Empathy. When people grow some of their own food, it shifts their behaviour, attitude and knowledge about food and empowers them to make more sustainable choices.

Your Philanthropy

By providing resources to help people grow their own food at home, at school and in the community, your philanthropy will play a practical, pivotal role at the nexus of climate action, education, health & wellbeing. Social enterprises do not want to capture a market, they want to change the world – will you join us?


Climate Action

A square metre of growing space can provide 1kg of veg per month, which translates to a carbon emission saving of about 1kg carbon dioxide equivalent per kilogram of homegrown veg


Food growers are:
43% less likely to waste food;
57% more likely to eat a
plant-based diet;
129% more likely to eat a
mostly local diet 2


Embedding a Food Literacy programme into the national primary school curriculum in Ireland

Health & Wellbeing

59% of food growers reported improvements to mental health;
68% reported greater awareness of physical benefits from growing their own food3

1: Secondary/3rd party research. 2: Spark Market Research commissioned by GIY. 3: GIY Grow It Forward campaign impact survey conducted by UCC

Our Planet, Our Health, Our Future

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference

In Schools

  • Every School has a School Garden
  • 1,600 School Gardens by 2024
  • Every Child is Food Literate
  • €3.2million Development Fund

In The Community

  • Every Town/Village has a Community Garden
  • 300 Community Gardens by 2024
  • Equality of Access for All
  • €1 million Development Fund

At Home

  • Every Household Growing Food
  • 50,000 Households by 2024
  • Supporting Marginalised Families
  • €1.5million Development Fund

Ready to Leave a Legacy for Generations to Come?



Funds one school garden



Funds one community garden
GIY Grow Kit



Funds 10 growing kits for families

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