About Our Partner
- Change By Degrees

Global Sustainability Expertise Delivered For The Real World

Change by Degrees are corporate sustainability consultants advising on sustainability strategy and climate change communications. In a nutshell, they help organisations become more resilient.

In 2021, we engaged with Change by Degrees to create content about food sustainability for our corporate GROW Circle programme. The primary purpose of the information-rich content provided by Change by Degrees is to train GIY’s GROW Circle ambassadors, while also creating material about food sustainability that can be used and shared via GIY’s various communication channels, such as webinars, the GIY app and our website. As the experts in global sustainability, we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Change by Degrees to ensure the information we share about sustainable strategies and climate change is valid and regularly reviewed.

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Meet some of our GIYers (that’s people who grow some of their own food) who all champion Food Empathy – a deeper understanding and connection with food from their experience of growing. If you want food done right, then grow it yourself.


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