Tor McIntosh

Content Editor

“I love that my role at GIY focuses on sharing the GIY message, which aligns with my own beliefs: food matters – not only for the health of our planet, but our own health and well-being too.”

Graduating with a degree in journalism, Tor started her career in the magazine publishing industry in the UK before turning freelance as a writer, photographer and content creator. For over a decade she worked on strategic and creative communications projects for media companies, charities and not-for-profits.

Drawn to its tasty dishes and food sustainability ethos, Tor was a regular GROW HQ customer before joining the team at GIY in 2019. Passionate about the natural world and spending time outdoors, Tor enjoys exploring the nature and landscape along Waterford’s Copper Coast on walks, trail runs, bike rides and sea swims.


In GROW HQ there are no barriers between where food is grown, cooked and eaten. We can’t wait to show you around.


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