Terri Cole

Education Manager

“I joined GIY because education is at the very heart of their mission— it underpins the work they do in schools, community groups, corporations, and restaurants. Learning is a life-long endeavour, and GIY demonstrates that no one is too young or too old to grow their own food, adopt more sustainable habits, and make a difference. It’s truly inspiring and fulfilling work to be a part of.”

Terri comes to GIY with ten years of experience in education sectors across the United States, South Korea and Ireland. She holds a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Rhode Island College (her home state in the U.S.) and an MEd in International Education from Endicott College.

For several years she taught EAL and English Literature at primary and secondary levels, but transitioned from the classroom into education management when she moved to Ireland in 2018. Working as an education project manager and then education consultant with Real Nation, Terri led national primary and secondary programmes and developed educational resources for organisations such as Irish Aid, Concern Worldwide, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and the National Dairy Council. Much of her work has focused on sustainable development, global citizenship, and climate change initiatives.

As a former teacher, Terri brings her classroom experience and educational values into her work at GIY, managing and running our school-based programmes, GROW at School and Community Classrooms. She remains dedicated to fostering cultural awareness and inclusion in schools, igniting creativity and curiosity through project-based learning, and finding ways to empower student voice.

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