Rosy Bent

Head of Operations

“Seeing real change, like how children growing cress in a classroom can lead them to live more sustainably with a better understanding of food, is why I work for GIY.”

After graduating from Dun Laoghaire IADT with a degree in Business and Arts Management, Rosy worked in a number of different arts organisations, festivals and events. She joined GIY in 2017 to help with campaigns and events, and is now Head of Operations.

Rosy has always enjoyed working for not-for-profits and loves the impact that our work at GIY has on people. When she’s not making sure GIY runs like a well-oiled machine, her favourite part of the job is designing new GIY assets with fellow team member, Alex. In her spare time she loves going on adventures with her German Shepherd, Kaija.

GIY stories

Meet some of our GIYers (that’s people who grow some of their own food) who all champion Food Empathy – a deeper understanding and connection with food from their experience of growing. If you want food done right, then grow it yourself.


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