Molly Garvey

Community Manager

“Food literacy and food empathy in our communities: that is a GIY sustainable food future.”

Molly is a curious food system professional, who loves to collect and tell sustainable food stories. After working as a cheesemonger, she told the story of Irish farmhouse cheesemakers through a Masters of Research, which honed her data analysis skills, and then worked in an award-winning food waste start-up, which focused on creating a community around circular waste management. Curious about how to account for social and environmental impact in start-ups, she trained in Social Return on Investment methodology taught by Social Value International. But really, she is happiest connecting with people and finding new ways to tell and experience the story of sustainable food, something that she can do through GIY’s GROWCircle and GIY Schools programme.  A personal fact about Molly is that she learns best in public.

GIY stories

Meet some of our GIYers (that’s people who grow some of their own food) who all champion Food Empathy – a deeper understanding and connection with food from their experience of growing. If you want food done right, then grow it yourself.


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