Iris Kavanagh

Marketing Consultant

“Creating long lasting connections between communities and nature is the most fulfilling aspect of marketing.”

Iris is a leading Marketeer and Communications professional. Iris is the owner of Pennypop marketing agency and also a Director at KC Services Ireland, a family events and corporate services business shared with her husband, who has held senior positions in national and multinational organisations. Iris has previously held the role of Head of Corporate Responsibility and Communications at Aramark, as well as senior marketing roles for businesses in oil, retail and construction industries.

Alongside her career in Marketing and Communications, Iris has a deep passion for sustainability and well-being and was named Corporate Citizen of the Year by the Irish Cancer Society and Environmental Manager of the Year by the Irish Hospitality Institute. 

Iris holds a Masters (hons) from TU Dublin in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. She also holds an Exec Diploma in Strategic Digital Marketing and a Diploma in Public Relations and Event Management and is a member of the MII and PRII.

Outside of marketing, Iris is a mother of one and has a passion for music, dogs, travel and country life, living in Louth. 

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