Emma Klyne

Head of Development

“In short, I connect people to problem solve.”

Emma Klyne, a Dublin native, joined GIY in 2020 as our Social Impact Strategist and is now Head of Development. With experience in commercial development, PR, digital marketing, and client relations, Emma’s focus has been on connecting groups of like-minded people, all with a common want to create something innovative and impactful to better society. In the case of GIY, we connect and support people who want to live healthier, happier, longer and more sustainable lives. But when probed, Emma credits one of her reasons for joining GIY as needing access to the beetroot brownie recipe!

One thing that captures who Emma is is her love of tables (yes, you read that right). Emma believes the kitchen or dining room table is the heart of the house. It’s where laughter roars, great food is shared, the world’s wrongs are put to right, new connections are made, old connections are renewed, and great ideas are born, or indeed shot down gently. “The more dents, scratches, candle wax drips, and seats squeezed in under it, the better… it’s all a sign of a time well had!

GIY stories

Meet some of our GIYers (that’s people who grow some of their own food) who all champion Food Empathy – a deeper understanding and connection with food from their experience of growing. If you want food done right, then grow it yourself.


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