Cloda McGrath

Café Team Leader

“I am definitely a novice grower and have failed many more times than I have succeeded, but that won’t stop me!”

GROW HQ’s focus on plant-based diets and its zero waste ethos fits with Cloda’s own principles. At home and at work she aims to be as sustainable as possible. She’s a vegetarian, although finds herself moving towards a more vegan way of life. She’s conscious about reducing her waste having learned about the negative impact single-use plastic and food waste has on the environment.

With the HQ gardens her daily view at work, she’s determined to grow veg that Head Grower Richard would give a grunt of approval… before requesting his morning mug of black coffee!

Cloda has lived in Waterford most of her life, and currently resides in Ferrybank with her boyfriend OJ and their two kittens, Lucifer & Bean.

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