About the Course

Learn how to grow 12 veg in 12 weeks with Mick Kelly

Learn how to grow 12 veg in 12 weeks with Mick Kelly. Get started before mid-July for best results
There is no better feeling than putting some of your own food on the table. In this online version of GIY's Founder Mick Kelly‚Äôs popular course How Food Grows, Mick will show you how to grow 12 delicious vegetables in 12 weeks. From seed to harvest, containers to the back garden, Mick will show you everything you need to do, each step of the way. 

What You Will Need

Seeds, soil and something to put them in. 
In this course, we recommend that you start with the basics and only add what you need when you need them. Otherwise, the process can quickly start to feel more complicated than it really is. The good news is, you need very little to get started and you have plenty of time to get other things depending on how your growing journey goes. Once you have some seedlings to care for, you'll find a way to get them what they need.

The Essentials:

Seeds: Basil, beetroot, chard, French beans, kale, lettuce, peas, carrots, radish, spinach, oriental greens, and wild rocket. Available as a bundle here.

We recommend the 12 Mick will be growing in this course, but get as many as you feel comfortable with. If you want to grow something outside of these 12, do! Each lesson will be general enough to apply to almost all veg, and we have videos on just about every vegetable you could imagine elsewhere on the GIY site. A wide variety of seeds are available from our online shop.

Soil: A single bag of multi-purpose compost, available at garden centres and supermarkets.
Containers: Small pots or module trays for each of your veg are traditional, and are available at garden centres. But we recommend upcycling wherever possible - empty pots, cans, cartons, and even toilet roll inserts do exactly the same thing.

How It Works:

  • Sign up for the course here.
  • Watch the first episode and sow some seeds.
  • Every 7 days, you will receive an email to let you know the next episode is available.
  • Follow along until you're ready to harvest.
  • Don't worry if you can't keep to a perfect 7-day schedule. The lessons won't be going anywhere.
  • Tell a friend. Sharing the food growing journey is a great way to learn, and makes for an even bigger harvest at the end.

Anything Else?

If you're in any trouble, join the GIYers Facebook Group, where many passionate and friendly growers will happily help in any way they can. Pretty soon you'll have some tips to share yourself.


GIY is grateful for the support of our Growth Fund partners Social Innovation Fund Ireland and The Department of Rural & Community Development, whose funding has enabled us to promote and disseminate this online course, engaging thousands of people in How Food Grows.