Series 2 Filming location

We are so excited to bring you series 2, but where was it filmed? We have had so many questions about this so here is the answer.

Series 2 is back with a bang this year and we have so much in store for all of you. A lot of people think that GROW COOK EAT is a gardening programme when in fact it can be looked at as so much more than that. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or don't know a tumbling tom from a ring of fire you will enjoy this programme once you have a love for food! 

In series 2 of GROW COOK EAT we will be talking about the basics of growing your own food, cooking that food (with some delicious recipes for you at home) and we will be eating the food (the best part!). 

The series is set at the heart of GIY — GROW HQ. GROW HQ is based in Waterford city and boasts some beautiful gardens, a stunning cafe and a shop on site. This is also where the GIY teams base camp is. All of the work that has gone into preparing for the TV show, national campaigns, and more comes from this building. 

GROW HQ has also been listed as 1 of the Irish Times 100 best restaurants. All of the food that is served in the cafe has an element of homegrown to it. Our gardens produce the fresh leaves, vegetables and fruit and the rest is locally sourced. This is a huge part of what we do here and we ensure to only serve fresh, seasonal food on a daily basis. 

Come and visit our stunning HQ and see for yourself. You can find out more about GROW HQ here and you can follow us on social