JB Dubois

JB is from a small town called Luneville, not far from the city of Nancy in Lorraine in the north east of France. His early career was in the sciences, biology and sociology. He also worked in childcare until the age of 20 when he decided to study to become a chef. He took an accelerated, intensive course in Rennes, Britany. He moved to Ireland to work in Galway 16 years ago, though you could never tell from his accent that he has been here so long. 

JB has a wealth of experience in boutique hotels, 4 star hotels and prestigious restaurants and he’s bringing all that knowledge and experience to GROW HQ. He has a strong focus on fresh, local, seasonal products of impeccable quality. He combines this with a lifelong love of traditional methods of preserving veg like pickling, fermenting.

Using produce,grown right outside the door in his meals and sauces and preserves will be a dream come true for this chef. Every item served in GROW HQ will be handmade on site under JB’s supervision, from the vinegar to the bread to the ketchup.  The secret ingredient will always be time, passion and dedication.