Courgette Carpaccio with parmesan, walnut and crispy caper berries

Katie's Delicious Courgette Recipe


Originally I was thinking about a stew but I really love to eat courgettes raw.

Spiralized courgettes are a really nice alternative to pasta allthough remember to work quick, they taste good straight away so if your tossing them in pesto or a tomaty sauce just make and serve.  I love when the sun’s out and my body is craving raw tasty vegetables.


Courgette Carpaccio with parmesan, walnut and crispy caper berries

Courgette yellow and green if possible


4 Walnuts Roasted  

Capers drained and dried. 1 jar

Good quality olive oil

Sunflower oil for deep frying


Mandolin the courgettes so you have disc shapes about the thickness of a coin but really its up to taste or slightly elongated ovals,

Marinate the courgettes in olive oil and salt and pepper and leave to soak up the oil for 2-5 min.

In a small pot add some sunflower oil, drain the caperberries and pat dry with a tea towel. Once the oil is hot add the berries and be ready with a slotted spoon. They will flower open.  

Lay the courgette discs out on a plate then microplane some parmesan and some roasted walnut on the top. Add the fried caper berries and some parsley.


Great served alongside a Heirloom tomato salad and some crunchy bread.

Courgette ginger and lime jam

Any body who has ever grown courgettes knows that a glut nearly always happens at some point or possibly your patch gets away from you and in a day you have huge big marrows deemed no good for anything. This jam uses that glut preserving the juicy crops of your labour and its great on sweet things, toast in the morning and dynamite with a cheese plate.

Makes approx 3 jars.


1.3 kg courgettes peeled and diced

2 kg sugar

4 limes skin cut off and chopped into thin rough chunks

60g crystalized ginger


Steam the courgette, once steamed add the sugar and rest of the ingredients place in a heavy bottomed pot and put on the heat.

Reduce down.

Add to jars

Leave in a cool dark place for 3 weeks. Ready straight away but matures with time.