Sweetcorn recipe

Tips, tricks and insights from GROW HQ Head Grower Richard Mee.

Sweet corn is one of summer's simplest, purest pleasures. Here is a simple but delicious recipe. 

The Lack Of Sun And Heat This Year Means That It Hasn’t Been A Great Year For Sweetcorn – So If You Do Get Some Decent Cobs, It’s Worth Celebrating Them. Barbecuing Gives The Sweetcorn A Beautiful Smokey Flavour.  You Can Leave The Paprika Out If You Don’t Like Things Too Hot..!


-          sweetcorn cobs

-          100g butter, softened

-          1 tsp smoked paprika


Pull any thick outer leaves off the cobs, fold back the rest of the leaves and pull out the silky threads. Mix together the butter and smoked paprika and smear onto the sweetcorn. Sprinkle with sea salt, fold the leaves back over and wrap well in foil. Barbecue for about 20 minutes until tender. Open it carefully so you don't spill any of the delicious juices. Serve with lemon wedges.