Sweetcorn fritters with tamarind and Chipotle yoghurt and lots of lime


I wanted to do corn on the cob as my recipe here, But Karen and Micheal asked if I could do something else. I get it everyone knows how to make corn on the cob. But really eating a whole corn with whatever sauces or melted butter it’s such a joy! When i’m looking for recipe ideas or inspiration I always think of countries where your main ingredients grow in. it’s a nice way of building a dish.


Sweetcorn 2  ( 300g kernels)

red onion ½  chopped into tiny dice

Spring onion 2 chopped greens and all

Coriander small handful chopped roughly

Flour 2 Tablespoons

Cornflour 2 Tablespoons

Chipotle 1 jar

Water 130 ml

Tamarind 2 tablespoons

Lime cut up for garnish

Place some water in a pot that can fit your corn cobs and bring to the boil. Add a pinch of salt  then the sweetcorn and cook for a few minutes.

Drain and cool , using a sharp knife take the kernels off the cob trying to take off big strips intact.

Place the Kernels in a bowl, add the onion, spring onion and some chopped coriander.

Weigh out 300g and keep the rest aside.

Add the flour water and seasoning to your larger amount of kernels and mix trying to not break up the big chunks but incorporating the flour. Your mixture should look like thin pancake batter Next make the sauce, add the tin of chipotle, the water and the tamarind to a high speed blender and whizz till smooth and creamy.

This can be kept in the fridge for up to two months if you love heat you could use this as your dipping sauce but to make it a little cooler you can mix equal amounts of a full fat good quality yoghurt/plant based yoghurt and the chipotle together. Place in a small serving bowl and turn your attention to finishing the sweetcorn.

Place a frying pan on a medium heat with a thin layer of sunflower oil, add spoonfuls of the sweet-corn mixture, wait till its crusted on one side and then flip. Push the back of the spoon down on the fritter to push out any raw batter and cover with some frying oil.

Get some paper towel ready and spoon out the fritters let rest on the paper then place on a plate, sprinkle the leftover sweet corn, onion mix and serve the chipotle yoghurt alongside.