Asian Greens with a Miso Tahini Dressing and Maple Pecans

Katie Sanderson prepares a delicious dish with star veg Oriental Greens featured in Series 3 Episode 2 of Grow Cook Eat.



I went to the States about eight years ago to do some raw food training over there it opened up a world i didn't know existed and have loved incorporating lots of raw food into my work and my own tummy over the years. Healthy buzz. 



5 TB Tahini

2 TB Rice Vinegar

2 TB sesame oil

2 Tb Miso

½ cup of Water

1 TB Maple syrup

Asian greens

Orange cut into segments, Blood orange when in season!!!!! 

1 TB of wakame

½ cup pecans

1 TB Maple

1 TB Tamari

1 TB Sesame Seeds



Preheat oven to 170c, place your pecans in a bowl with salt pepper, maple and tamari. And roast for 6 minutes.

Put the seaweed into hot water for 5 minutes and leave to soak.

Then squeeze out the water.

Cut your vegetables and wash your salad. I try not to wash leaves especially if grown locally and organically, Id just look through them and make sure there is no residual dirt or bugs.

If I am washing them I fill a sink with cold water and then put the leaves in rather then pouring water straight on them and possibly bruising them.

Get a small bowl and add your tahini, rice vinegar , sesame oil, water and maple. It might look like its a little split depending on how oily the tahini is. But fear not the water will bring it all together, salt and pepper and correct the seasoning.

Only assemble salad when ready to eat.

Add all ingredients into a bowl and swirl dressing around the bowl bringing the dressing into it with your hands. Again to not bruise the leaves.  Reserve pecans and some segmented oranges for the top.  Arrange on a plate/bowl and sprinkle with the tamari pecans.

Dressing can be kept in the fridge for a week or so and is really good chucked on a cold green bean salad or to garnish some roast sweet potato...