Easy gnocchi with kale broth & cais na tire (Irish hard Parmesan esque cheese)


Recipe adapted from my friend aoife who works in The fumbally.

Could add bacon or even poach fish in this same broth if you dont want to make gnocchi.

I love finding ways to use up what might be waste, You can roast the kale stalks in a really hot oven with some salt and pepper they are a little stringy but make a nice garnish “ i like to call them poor man’s asparagus”




Rooster or floury potato, i love using setantas from Mcnally’s ( the best growers)  500g

Plain flour 150g

1 egg plus one yolk

Salt and pepper

Kale and cavolo nero (60g )

2 cloves Garlic,

Cais na tire

2 Shallots

Veg stock  600ml




Bake the potatoes in a  really hot oven. 200c for 30 min.

Cut the spuds in half and scoop out the insides while still warm and push through a shimmy to make super smooth.

Add the flour, egg and seasoning. Don’t work the dough too much roll into a sausage shape on a lightly floured surface and then cut into desired shapes. You could add herbs to this mixture if you would like.

Put a pot of water on the boil and add salt.

Place the gnocchi in the pot in three separate batches.

The gnocchi are done when they raise to the surface.

In another pot heat some olive oil.

Add the shallots and garlic and cook until slightly caramelized add the stock and kale/cavolo nero. Cook for a few minutes.

Keep back a small amount of the broth but roughly blitz the rest.

I really like to have some different textures within the dish.

Place the broth in the bowl with some gnocchi some of the rougher broth on the top some herbs a good sprinkle of cheese and a few glugs of olive oil.