Garden Tomato Salsa by Jack Kirwan



500g Tomato Mix- Cherry, fresh piccolo, plum and yellow heirloom

75g Basil

1 x Red Chilli

1 x Red Onion 

Handful of dehydrated or sundried tomatoes

125g Kalamata olives

100-150 ml extra virgin olive oil

150g green leaf mix from garden

75g garden peas

a splash of reduced balsamic vinegar or balsamic salad dressing

tomato and rosemary focaccia (or other bread) to serve


Chop up the tomatoes, olives, onion, and chilli into different sizes, mix together in a bowl with seasoning and set aside.

Mix the garden greens with peas.

Plate up all components onto the plate and slice the focaccia and leave on the side of the plate.

Dress with the balsamic vinegar reduction or salad dressing.