Green bean bruschetta with peppery ricotta and lemon honey.



I love this recipe it’s a mish mash of influence and flavours but it really does it for me.


When we hear bruchettta we often think of tomato’s, don’t get me wrong I love tomato bruchetta in fact it would probably be my last meal if I ever had to choose one. When tomatoes are in the height of season with fresh basil, some garlic and a good quility bread and olive oil. Mmmmmmmmmm

But what bruchetta is really about is celebrating a tomato at its peak ripeness without faffing around too much with it. Its putting tomatoes front and center. I like taking this ethos and celebrating vegetables with the same gusto. In my green bean memory I also remember making a orange and hazelnut  bean salad while learning in ballymalloe and thinking i’d quite happily eat it for ever.

I love the toonsbridge ricotta if you can get your hands on it it’s really very tasty and irish win! Otherwise try get a good qualilty italian one.


Green beans 400g  top and tailed

coconut oil 2 tablespoons

Sunflower seeds 250g

Fennel seeds 3 tablespoons

Maldon sea salt.

Ricotta 1 tub


Clove of garlic

Sourdough 4 slices

Honey 3 tablespoons


Heat the coconut oil add the sunflower and fennel seeds and fry gently, add a pinch of maldon and take off the heat.

 Immediately put into a container to avoid continued cooking. These seeds can be kept for a few days and used for the following recipe but equally good for snacking or topping on your favourite salad.

In a wok dry fry your beans on a high heat and then add a glug of olive oil, lastly add the seed mix. Place in a bowl and add some fennel fronds.