Crispy fried mackerel with trio of beetroot by Jack Kirwan


6 Fresh Mackerel fillets (Pin boned)
6 Baby beetroots parboiled


1 x large Pre-cooked beetroot
125ml yoghurt
1tsp fresh horseradish grated
1 Garlic Clove
Juice of one lemon
50ml Maple syrup


125g Parsley
125g Lovage
100 ml Olive oil
100 ml Sunflower oil


1 large or two small beetroots peeled and diced
100g White Rice Vinegar
1tsp fennel seeds
100g caster sugar



Into a pot put all the ingredients and bring to the boil and then cool. Add the beet to this mix and leave overnight.


Take your ingredients and add into a blender and blitz. Add grated horseradish and seasoning.

Herb Oil

Pick the herb leaf off the stalks and add to the olive oil with the garlic.  Blend for 7 minutes until the color is vibrant green.

Baby Beets

Halve the baby beetroots and sauté in a pan with some oil. Heat through and keep warm


Add olive oil to the pan and cook on the skin side until crispy. Once crispy, turn the mackerel and cook lightly on the flesh side.

Plate up the beetroot elements with the crispy mackerel on top, dress with the herb oil.