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GROW COOK EAT Karen o'Donohoe and Aoibheann O'Brien FoodCloud

Food Cloud

Every year, on a global scale food is produced on land 900 times the size of Ireland, that goes into landfill. 30% of all food produced every year is wasted.

Every year enough food is produced annually to feed the world’s hungry FOUR times over, and yet almost a billion people live in food poverty.

Every day, food retailers, restaurants etc. have lots of food left over that goes to landfill. 

Iseult Ward and Aoibheann O’ Brien have devised a way for the problem of wasted food to solve to issue of food poverty. They founded FoodCloud and FoodCloud Hubs, two ways of redistributing surplus food to those who need it most.

GROW COOK EAT Foodcloud Hub launch Iseult and Aoibheann


FoodCloud connects businesses that have surplus food with charities that have too little food. At the end of the day a store can upload details of their surplus food to the Food Cloud app and offer it to charity. The charity can accept the offer, collect the food and redistribute it to their service users. This happens at a community level and the connection is directly made, via the FoodCloud app between the stores and the charities.

FoodCloud Hubs

FoodCloud Hubs are warehouses that can accept, log, trace and store large volumes of surplus food from the food industry, over 2500 retailers across UK and Ireland. They redistribute that food in manageable quantities from their three hubs in Ireland to charities that can use that food. From the food industry there could be raw producers and farmers, retailers or manufacturing plants using the hubs. On the charity side in Ireland there are 170 charities like Meals On Wheels, after school clubs, drug rehabilitation centres etc. very few of the charities feed people as a primary goal, they are all trying to achieve some solution to a societal problem. Their core mission would lose out from resources being diverted to sourcing and purchasing food.