Affordable and delicious Weekend Bistro Menu GROW HQ

Award winning plot to plate Bistro Food Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and all day Sunday...

GROW HQ is now serving our award winning food bistro style on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and all day Sunday. Enjoy a gorgeous 3 course meal, harvested fresh from our garden & created in our kitchen from only €20.00. Add a refreshing drink and great company, and your weekend treat is complete. Have a look at our sample GROW HQ Bistro Menu

As the evenings draw in GROW HQ is offering a gorgeous and affordable bistro menu of impeccable quality plot to plate food at amazing prices. We have a mouthwatering, seasonal menu of beautiful plates of the best quality food including burgers, meatballs, risottos and stews, soups and falafels, cakes and brownies, all freshly made in house.

The absolute freshest and most delicious food from our own (soon to be organic) garden paired with organic, free range, artisan meat, fish, cheese and poultry from the amazing local producers of the South East. Those exquisite, earthy raw ingredients are crafted into the most delectable dishes by our talented team of genius chefs.  

For the ultimate plot to plate food experience, where there are no barriers between where the food is grown, cooked and eaten, where every one of the staff are dedicated to creating your food from plot, to pot, to plate, you can't do better than a 3 course meal at GROW HQ.

See you this weekend!