Join Our Team

Want to come and join the amazing team at GROW HQ?

Every member of the team at GROW HQ are about the mission — starting new conversations about food with our customers and visitors, and generally living the dream.  With thanks to the hard work of that team, we have been honoured to receive a Best Kids Size Me in Munster 2018, National Food Hero award 2017 at the Irish Restaurant Awards, and the Farm to Plate Award at the 2017 Food & Wine Awards.  Our brand new TV series GROW COOK EAT, which is filmed at GROW HQ, was aired on RTE 1 from March to May.  

These are exciting (and busy) times, so if you feel you would love to be part of our team send your CV and Cover Letter to Turn on Javascript!

Cafe / Restaurant

The restaurant at HQ has won multiple awards since opening for the quality of the food and the ethos under which we operate. It is our face, our voice and our personality. Every day we hear great feedback from our visitors about what a pleasure our staff are to deal with, how knowledgeable they are about the food they serve and how fantastic the service is.

Kitchen Team

Join the award winning team in GROW HQ, where we create amazing dishes from the great food, grown 111 paces from the kitchen.  There are no barriers between where food is grown, cooked and eaten, and you will be at the heart of it. 

Front of House

Our front of house team are the face and voice of GROW HQ. They take care of our guests, convey our message and tell people our news. The friendliness, attentiveness and knowledge of our staff is mentioned in the majority of our reviews (all 5 stars) and we are proud to have them represent us. If you have what it takes to join that illustrious crew we want to hear from you.


We are not currently accepting internships or student placements. We wish you all the best in your studies and welcome any questions students may have about GROW business to Turn on Javascript!