Coffee & Dessert Pairing with Java Republic

We decided to pair some of delicious homemade desserts with Java Republic Coffees and Teas and we can promise you - it was DELICIOUS! JB really knows his flavour pairings and the notes of wood and fruit in these coffees leaves the experience unforgettable.

First up, we had the RuCo blend which has a nice finish of Chocolate & Blackcurrant. We paired this with our Beetroot Brownie.

Next up we had the Rwandan blend, which has a really woody body and citrus notes. JB has paired this with our Bay Leaf Creme Brulee.

For the Munkey coffee which has got Black Cherry taste and nutty finish we have paired our Courgette & Macademia Nut cake.

JB also talks about making Kombucha which is something that we make quite a lot here at HQ and is definitely a customer favourite. For this, JB uses Java Republic Organic Black Tea or sometimes he will use the Gunpowder & Mango Organic Green Tea for some of his Chilli Kombuchas - would you ike a recipe to make some yourself?

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