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Social eating for school children....

GIY and GROW HQ are all about helping children to develop ‘food empathy’ - a better understanding and appreciation of food - and to have a bit of fun while doing so!  We want to help children to learn how to grow, cook and eat healthy, seasonal, nutritious food.  We run a range of classes, programmes and activities for schools and children.  If you are interested in a course for your child or are a teacher looking to come visit, contact us on 051 584422 for more info.  Learn more about children and school activities at GROW HQ here. 

GIY Eat Together - Social & Healthy Eating Programme for Schools

GIY Eat Together encourages children to try new foods together, develop healthy eating habits, gives children an opportunity to eat in a relaxed, social setting and to fully enjoy food together at school.   We deliver a hot, healthy 2-course lunch to the school once a week for 6 weeks and the children spend a full 45 minutes eating together, learning to appreciate and understand their food, take time over it, and enjoy a social eating experience. Eat Together was developed by our Founder, Michael Kelly with educators and dietitians to combat the antisocial and unhealthy eating habits some children may develop in schools.

We have run this programme in a variety of schools for all ages and the feedback has been amazing. Parents, teachers and pupils have all given us glowing feedback about the programme. Parents report that their children are more adventurous with food and more engaged in cooking and food shopping at home. 

Teachers tell us that children really appreciate, and respond to, the opportunity to eat in a social and relaxed environment. They follow each others' lead and try new food more readily, they chat over their lunches and are more attentive and engaged after a hot meal at lunch time. 

The children have told us that they loved learning about the ingredients in their meals, they loved having their food served to them and getting to sit at tables and use proper cutlery and crockery made them feel more "grown up" and "important". 

The positive influence of eating in a relaxed setting, rather than wolfing down a quick sandwich, and being able to talk to each other over a meal is such a great learning experience for children.

If you would like to enquire about how you can take part in GIY Eat Together, or sponsor a GIY Eat Together programme for a school like companies such as Cashel Blue have done, or if you'd like to replicate the idea somewhere else in the country, just get in touch.

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