GROW HQ is an award-wining café and organic garden in Waterford City, and a working model of a sustainable food system. It is a place where there are no barriers between where food is grown, cooked and eaten.

Opening Hours

Days: Hours:
Monday Closed (Open 9a.m.-5p.m. on Bank Holiday Mondays)
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 9a.m.- 5p.m.
Thursday 9a.m.- 5p.m.
Friday 9a.m.- 5p.m.
Saturday 9a.m.- 5p.m.
Sunday 9a.m.- 5p.m.

Zero Waste Cafe

Cafe: Our award-winning zero waste café serves local, organic, seasonal food. The fresh produce grown at GROW HQ is complimented by the finest local meat, poultry, fish and cheese. When using our homegrown food, the distance from plot to plate is 112 steps (yes, we’ve counted!). The garden team grow it, the kitchen team cook it, and our customers eat it.

As a zero waste cafe, Head of Food, JB Dubois, creatively reuses any edible food waste, turning carrot and parsnip skins into crisps, and leftover bits of sourdough bread into a tasty loaf of ‘bread-bread’ (so good, we named it twice). Any food waste that is generated is added to our on-site composting system. The resulting highly nutritious compost is added to the soil in our gardens to help our vegetables and fruit grow. It’s one big circular system.

The HQ Food Truck

Good news, you can also enjoy HQ grub on the go!

Visit our food truck that offers soup and sandwiches, sweet treats plus daily specials.

We also have a selection of coffees, teas, organic apple and orange juices along with our homemade kombuchas available. While you’re visiting our food truck, take a stroll around the garden or relax under the covered seating area.

Disconnect from everyday stress immerse yourself in nature…





The HQ Shop

Shop for all you need to grow, cook and eat in our retail shop at GROW HQ. We have a full selection of seeds, GROWBoxes, books plus exclusive in-store sustainable products. If you can’t get to HQ don’t worry, a number of our products are available to purchase online.


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