GIY Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Programme

At GIY we have seen the difference a food growing workshop or programme can make to people’s health and wellbeing. We always strive to inspire and support individuals and groups of any size to really connect with food, their health, and the health of the planet and use the connections to improve and understand their own wellbeing. We know that growing food has a profound, positive and long-lasting effect on both physical and mental health. We intend to be instrumental in spreading the skills and knowledge that allow people to experience the therapeutic effects of horticulture, as well as directly providing the therapy.

Thanks to The Community Foundation for Ireland we have been able to implement an incredible Social and Therapeutic Horticulture programme in 2017. We have a range of classes, programmes and courses taking place nationwide over the next three years. Our dedicated full time therapeutic horticulturist, Caitriona Kelly, is delivering the therapy to vulnerable groups as well as delivering training to those who wish to include Horticultural Therapy in their own work or lives.

To find out about taking a Social and Therapeutic Horticulture class in order to incorporate it into your own work click HERE