The Today Show Garden Winner 2018

The Community Food Growing Project that won €5,000 from the Energia Get Ireland Growing Fund 2018

Last Years 5000euro winner The Edible Landscape Garden, Co. Mayo

Edible Landscape - Forest Garden extension at the Quay Community Centre, Westport

Here is their story;

An education and training initiative based in Westport in Co. Mayo focused on teaching food security and empowering local growers to grow in climate-smart ways. They teach local groups how we can all help fight global climate change by better managing our local food security.  They have developed a series of workshops using a sustainable land management system called ‘forest gardening’ to achieve this. They intend to double the size of the current forest garden and purchase materials like plants, topsoil, compost, bark mulch and stakes with their winnings. This will allow them to create a centre of excellence and increase the number of food security workshops held at the site, empowering more groups to use sustainable, climate-smart techniques. 


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