Application Criteria

That’s it for this year folks. Applications are now closed. Thank you for all your applications, phone calls and interactions online. Thank you for all your questions about the fund and about growing your own food. We wish you all the best of luck with your applications and we would hope to let everyone know whether they are successful or unsuccessful before the end of February 2019

Who and what is the Energia Get Ireland Growing Fund for?

The Energia Get Ireland Growing fund is open to community groups across the 32 counties to use for a food growing project. Examples of eligible groups include schools, creches, hospitals rehabilitation centres, mental health facilities, allotments with communal space, community gardens and not-for-profits looking to develop or enhance an existing community food-growing initiative.  The funding can be used for infrastructure, training, tools, equipment, seeds, plants, compost, raised beds, polytunnels, beehives, ponds, edible hedgerows, orchards… pretty much anything you can use to grow and eat in a community setting.

Closing Date

The last date for applications will be accepted is Friday, January 25th 2019 at 5pm. 

Who can apply?

The Energia Get Ireland Growing Fund is aimed at supporting community food growing initiatives run by groups like:

  1. Community and voluntary groups
  2. NGOs and not-for-profits
  3. Community gardens and allotment projects
  4. Education facilities
  5. Healthcare facilities

What can the fund be used for?

The Energia Get Ireland Growing Fund is aimed at promoting food growing in the community.  The projects should all have an element of outreach, promotion and inclusivity and should have some plan to encourage more people to grow their own food.  The projects should be new or an enhancement of an existing project (i.e. funding will not be provided to retrospectively fund work already carried out). We are particularly interested in projects that will use community food growing for some of the following reasons:

  • Improve the quality of life for participants
  • Provide a catalyst for neighbourhood and community development
  • Stimulate social interaction
  • Encourage self-reliance
  • Beautify neighbourhoods
  • Produce nutritious food
  • Reduce family food budgets
  • Conserve resources
  • Create opportunity for recreation, exercise, therapy, and education
  • Preserve green space
  • Provide opportunities for inter-generational and cross-cultural connections 

What can it not be used for?

Private individuals, for-profit enterprises or community groups outside of the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland are not eligible for funding from the Energia Get Ireland Growing fund. The fund cannot be used to cover costs of work that has already been carried out and can’t be used for anything that is not related to food growing.

Multiple applications

The fund is divided into categories, Sow, Grow and Harvest. Applications can be made for one of these categories only. Multiple applications will result in disqualification from entry. This is because of the huge volume of applications we expect and in the interest of fairness. We want as many communities as possible to benefit from this fund.

Registering with GIY

Every group who applies for funding must register on the GIY community platform Change X. Registration is free, quick and simple. We will request a link to your Change X page as part of the application procedure. 

The Categories

The Fund will be distributed in 86 awards and 85 of those will be in 3 main categories, Sow (€500), Grow (€1,000) and Harvest (€2,000). Applicants must indicate which category they are applying for in their application, however GIY and Energia may move applicants into other categories depending on the quality of the application, the needs of the projects and the numbers of applications. 

The last award will be for €5,000 which will be chosen by the Today Show audience on RTE 1. Applications for this huge award will need to adhere to all the above criteria, in addition to a few extra requirements, including some video content, to complete the application. See The Today Show criteria below.

Friends and Family

Look, we know Ireland is tiny and everyone knows, or is related to, or went to school with everyone else. So we’re going to be as reasonable as we can with this one. Yes, technically, if you’re related to someone in GIY, or Energia, or you’re great friends with one of us, you aren’t eligible to apply. But if you used to go out with our sister, you were in the scouts with our cousin or our mams went to school together we’ll let you off.

The final decision for successful awardees is with GIY and Energia. Successful or not, we will contact every single applicant to let them know how they got on. We will use the email address you put in your application form so please make sure it’s valid and checked regularly.

Criteria for The Today Show Application Form

RTÉ's Today Show have teamed up with Energia and GIY again this year to search for and reward one exceptional community.

We are very excited that the Energia Get Ireland Growing fund will include an additional €5,000 for one very special community again this year. The Today Show audience will hand-pick one community group for this amazing prize through a public vote.

When applying for the Today Show fund of €5,000, please choose that option in the drop-down box where is mentions what category you are applying for. When you choose The Today Show option an additional field will appear where you can copy and paste your video link into. The requirement is that you upload a 2-minute-long video. Nothing much longer than 2 minutes.

To be in with a chance of winning this award we need you to tell us what makes your community and your project so special? Have you had to fight tooth and nail to get a bit of space from your council? Have you got a dedicated group of volunteers who show up in all-weather to dig in? Have you got a fabulous group of service users who are working hard to improve their lot?

Whatever it is that makes your community growing project deserving of €5000 cash boost from Energia Get Ireland Growing, just let us know everything by filling in the application form and submitting a 2-minute video. Please read the steps below carefully:

Step 1 The Video

Film a short 2-minute video and upload it to your own Facebook or Twitter account. You can be as creative as you like in your video as long as it describes your project, who you are, what you do and who benefits from it. Tell us what this grant would mean to your community.

You must make sure to tag Energia Get Ireland Growing, @EnergiaGIG on Facebook & Twitter. You must tag RTE's Today show too, @RTEToday on Facebook & Twitter. Use the hashtag #GetIrelandGrowing in the description of your video.

Step 2 The Application Form

Tell us all about your project. We will ask for a link to your video in the application form so make sure you have it ready. Your project must meet all the criteria for Energia Get Ireland Growing so please read it all before submitting your application.

We wish all entrants the very best of luck. We're rooting for all of you.