Workplace Wellbeing

Looking for inspiration for ways to improve your workplace?


We are delighted to participate in Ireland's third National Workplace Wellbeing Day on March 31st 2017. Large and small companies across the country are encouraged to participate in the event, which aims to improve employee health through promoting better nutrition and physical activity. As well as promoting health in our own workplace in Waterford, we are showcasing the ways we can help companies and organisations to positively influence their employees’ wellbeing. Through GIY workshops, away days at GROW HQ and greening their offices, any company, large or small can make their employees happier, healthier and more productive.
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Looking for inspiration for ways to improve your workplace?
1. More plants

Research shows that certain plants act as air purifiers and also release oxygen into the atmosphere. This significantly improves indoor air quality and employee cognition. Good plants for indoors spaces include kale, mint, coriander, jade, bamboo and snake plants.

2. Natural light

Regular exposure to UV light encourages production of Vitamin D which has been shown to elevate levels of serotonin in the body making us feel happier and more content. 

3. Workplace dining

Studies are suggesting that employees who don’t talk about topics other than work may have poorer mental health than those who do.  Supporting healthy eating initiatives can give workers something positive to talk about over the lunch or tea break.

4. Get blending

Green smoothies are full of antioxidants and nutrients that support cognition. They are also a healthy way to get through the afternoon sugar slump. A nutrient blender could be the perfect addition to the office kitchen.

5. Encourage volunteering 

One guaranteed way to increase productivity in your office is to create a sense of purpose and belonging. Encourage and enable employees to contribute in the community, or to a charity. Offer to pay for time off to volunteer  during working hours, or match charitable donations if possible. It is a fantastic way to develop organisational pride and boost employee morale.