Why GROW at Work

Find out why Ireland’s Best Places to Work are growing their way forward to better physical and mental health, reduced absenteeism and higher productivity.

Physical Health

Traditional Team Building Days and workplace social events are rarely healthy, often including extreme activities, gambling or alcohol (or all three). GIYing is an inclusive activity that usually involves lots of fresh air, moderate activity and, of course, great food.

Mental Wellbeing

GIYing is a natural mood elevator and a proven stress buster that takes you out of your head and into your hands. It’s a great mindful activity.

Team Building

Working shoulder to shoulder in a veg patch with your colleagues is a great way to get to know them. Everyone is at the same level when you’re up to your elbows in soil! Break down the hierarchy and establish new relationships and better communication.

Food and Health

Food and health are two areas of genuine and serious interest to your employees right now, and a GROW COOK EAT experience at work or at GROW HQ will help them to develop a life-long appreciation and knowledge of food.


Of course you want to get out of the office routine and do something new, but it’s also a fact that happiness and learning are linked. Learning a new skill will boost happiness and productivity.  

Our Workplace Partners

Diageo employees, makers of one Ireland’s most famous brands, have created a beautiful GIY Garden for at the iconic St James’ Gate site in Dublin.

Energia, Ireland's greenest energy company, runs an annual internal workplace wellbeing competition “Get Energia Growing” to boost to workplace morale in all their offices and call centres, leading to some of the funniest team names in GIY folklore.

State Street, investment fund administrators, have run a series of GIY workshops for workplace wellness at both their Kilkenny and Dublin offices.

HEINEKEN Ireland ran a “Star Growers” competition at its Dublin and Cork sites among employees, even the guys on the road got involved, growing in coffee cups in their cars.

Feedback from Partners

“The workshops were fun, informative and engaging and the feedback from those that attended was great. We look forward to working with GIY in the future.”

Richie Butler, Bord Gais Energy

“Really enjoyable and informative. Engaging and relaxing. It was a great opportunity for our team, fun while also informative and interesting.”

Sinead Casey, thejournal.ie

“We are delighted to support the important work that GIY is doing in reconnecting people with food. At the same time the wellbeing of our employees is important to us, and we had a brilliant day at GROW HQ with 40 of our site managers.”

Jo Coffey, Marketing Manager Applegreen

"We are delighted to see the St. James’s Gate GIY Garden take shape. This is an important initiative for us in terms of empowering our employees to improve their health."

Angela Smith, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at DIAGEO Ireland


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