CSR opportunities with GIY

Support GIY projects with national campaigns and school garden programmes in your area.

Why GIY for Corporate Social Responsibility?

Need to breath new life into your current CSR programme? Partner with one of Ireland’s leading Not For Profit organisations, experienced in delivering award-winning CSR campaigns.

We at GIY offer a wide and varied range of CSR programmes from company-wide initiatives to social impact community and national campaigns. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an essential part of every company policy and its importance will only grow in future. Today’s employees expect their employers to have meaningful social impact campaigns for them to become involved in.  Be it volunteering in the community, fundraising or standing up for a cause, employees want to be aligned with a company that supports their values. So, the question is, does your organisation want to create a positive legacy, and do you want a role in shaping that legacy?

At GIY, we are committed to delivering huge, impactful campaigns that deliver for your company’s CSR policy, your workforce, community and society at large. We have a range of programmes and can tailor-make a bespoke offering to meet your needs, and revamp an existing policy. CSR partners include: Ballymaloe, Cully & Sully, Energia, HEINEKEN Ireland, innocent drinks and the Ireland Funds

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