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Support GIY projects with national campaigns, school gardens, community led Cottage Markets and social and therapeutic horticulture programmes in your area.

Why GIY for Corporate Social Responsibility?

Need to breath new life into your current CSR programme? Partner with one of Ireland’s leading Not For Profit organisations, experienced in delivering award-winning CSR campaigns.

We at GIY offer a wide and varied range of CSR programmes from company-wide initiatives to social impact community and national campaigns. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an essential part of every company policy and its importance will only grow in future. Today’s employees expect their employers to have meaningful social impact campaigns for them to become involved in.  Be it volunteering in the community, fundraising or standing up for a cause, employees want to be aligned with a company that supports their values. So, the question is, does your organisation want to create a positive legacy, and do you want a role in shaping that legacy?

At GIY, we are committed to delivering huge, impactful campaigns that deliver for your company’s CSR policy, your workforce, community and society at large. We have a range of programmes and can tailor-make a bespoke offering to meet your needs, and revamp an existing policy. Current CSR partners include: Ballymaloe, Cully & Sully, Energia, HEINEKEN Ireland, innocent drinks and the Ireland Funds

How GIY can help you achieve your CSR goals

GROW Circle Partnership

This is a 2-year partnership with an opportunity to invest in and actively support a social impact initiative in your local area. Together we will bring GIY’s Food Empathy message to your employees and the communities in which they live with activities to to suit everyone from the youngest children to the most senior citizens and everyone in between. We’ll work with your employees to ‘share the lovage’ and through volunteering, funding and long term support and encouragement we’ll change lives. Have a read of some of our current programmes below and download our GROW Circle Brochure here

Option 1 School Gardens

Option 1 School Gardens

You will help schools across Ireland get started in growing their own produce and be a part of our food empathy mission. In 2017 we supported food growing projects in over 1,700 schools in Ireland and 6,500 in the UK. One in four children in Ireland is either overweight or obese, making children in Ireland the heaviest in Europe. Poor food choices, poor eating habits and lack of exercise are the reasons behind this national epidemic, but evidence shows that children who grow their own food are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables and are also more likely to continue healthy eating habits throughout their lives.

Ballymaloe Cookery School chose to sponsor school gardens in the nine local primary schools involved in the East Cork Slow Food Educational Project. GIY will install gardens and teach the pupils how to grow. The schools will be supported by GIY as they start or develop an already existing school garden; the team will visit the schools this spring imparting expert educational resources with a monthly educational resource pack tailor-made for each school which will include tips on what to grow when, a growing calendar, lesson plans, and other food empathy messages. 

Your GROW Circle membership will help us to find, fund and implement food growing projects in 10 schools, providing the teachers with the materials and support they need to empower the children to grow, cook and eat their own food.

Option 2 GIY Eat Together

Option 2 GIY Eat Together

Currently, GIY Eat Together is only available in Waterford. You can support up to 4 classes of primary school children and help us deliver on our food empathy mission. We provide a hot, seasonal, two-course meal one day per week, for six weeks to a local primary school. We have created a resource pack for teachers, including a lesson plan and tips on the programme. The lesson plan is linked to the school curriculum and helps the children to understand what they are eating and where it has all come from. The school commits to giving the children plenty of time to enjoy the meal, eat in a relaxed and sociable environment,  use real plates, proper cutlery and share jugs of water. The aim of the programme is to give children an alternative school lunch experience, far from wolfing down a sandwich in ten minutes. We treat this as a lesson, exploring where the food comes from, its seasonality, taste, textures and smells. It is the only programme of its kind in Ireland.

Option 3 Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

Option 3 Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

Social and therapeutic horticulture uses horticulture as a therapeutic medium to improve the lives of those living with disadvantage, disabilities and physical or mental health issues.  We deliver 12-week horticulture therapy programmes with some of the country’s most marginalised groups including children with physical or intellectual disability, hospitals, schools, addiction-rehabilitation centres, respite-care centres, prisons, direct provision centres and Men’s Sheds groups. The impact on participants cannot be underestimated and includes a renewed sense of purpose and achievement, increased self-worth and self-esteem that lasts long after the programs has ended. They also benefit from learning an invaluable life skill that promotes and supports their health and that of their families and can lead to work experience or employment. You can find out more about GIY's Therapeutic Horticulture programme here.

Your GROW Circle membership will fund a 12-week horticulture therapy programme for approx. 15 participants (depending on level of support required) and provide capacity to contribute to the evidence base of this emerging therapeutic medium.

Option 4 The Cottage Market

Option 4 The Cottage Market

Cottage Markets are a community-led initiative to put ‘homemade and handcrafted’ back in the heart of communities, support grass roots enterprises and provide a much-needed place for people to gather and socialise. Through this initiative, we find, recruit, train, fund and support extraordinary community change-makers to establish GIY Cottage Markets in villages, towns and cities all over Ireland.  Each Cottage Market supports approximately 15 stall-holders and, working with other community initiatives, they showcase local skills and talents and promote community spirit.  Your GROW Circle membership will help us to establish and support two new GIY Cottage Markets in your local area with training, branding, marketing and PR support, insurance and start up funding.

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"East Cork Slow Food Educational Project is delighted to partner with GIY’s GROW Circle to continue to develop edible gardens in local schools, providing the children with an exciting hands-on experience of growing their own food. This is an invaluable life skill not currently on the curriculum, which will help to stimulate enthusiasm for delicious and nutritious homegrown food and the health benefits that go with it." Darin Allen, Ballymaloe Cookery SchoolFor more information please contact Karen on Turn on Javascript! or 051 584411

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