Challenge 3 Tips on creating a soup recipe

Hello GIYers, 


We hope you are enjoying GROW2CEO so far, all of your entries have been absolutely brilliant! We can see that you are busy working away on your recipes and we are really looking forward to seeing your ingredients. We LOVE soup here at GIY and have put together some tips that might help you on your way to creating the new number 1 recipe. 

Have HONEST taste testers - Having close friends or family (even a your trusty canine if the recipe creation really goes south!). You need people that will honestly tell you their opinion, if it sets you apart and if it’s the best soup ever! 

Learn from your mistakes - If you've always wanted to have a signature recipe of a particular dish, but it doesn't work out the first time, or second, or third, don't give up! Creating a recipe from scratch takes time and that’s ok!

Look for inspiration everywhere – look online and research flavours that go together. Is there a soup that you particularly love? Perhaps a tasty Cully & Sully soup that you could take some inspiration from?

Don't use ingredients that you don't enjoy – if you don’t like certain ingredients, don’t use them! You need to be 100% sure that you would buy your soup!

Use your home economics teachers expertise– these teachers know their stuff! Gather as much information as you can from them and use it!

Get advice from local chefs– we will have some advice from our head chef JB next week, but you can also look around and gather advice from people who do this every day!

Keep your spinach safe– This is an important one! With your holidays coming, make sure that you bring home your spinach to keep it hydrated and safe!

If you have any questions – just ask!