GROW2CEO will give students and teenagers across Irish Secondary Schools everything they need to start growing some food, get a better understanding of what goes into the food they eat, and how they can make healthier choices in their own lives.

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It is open to all Secondary Schools in Ireland, in particular, First and Second and Transition Years, however, the resource booklet will link each challenge to learning outcomes across a range of Junior Cycle subjects such as Science, Business, Art and Home Economics. 


2019 Campaign

The end goal of the campaign is for students to create a soup recipe using the knowledge they have learned throughout four key challenges over 8 weeks. The four challenges will help students to plant their seeds, come up with a food business idea, learn about food marketing, and create a recipe using the food they’ve grown themselves. The challenges will also link to statements of learning for subjects such as Science, Business Studies, Home Economics   

We also included some veg growing tips, key discussion points to accompany each challenge, a business plan template, and recipe ideas.