Campaign Tips

Help and tips on how to take part in the campaign.


Teams and Hashtags:

  • Divide your class into teams of 2's or 3's, each team will need a number so we can distinguish them on social media (so in a class of 30 there is potentially 15 teams of 2, numbered 1 – 15).
  • The teams should complete the challenges together, the hashtag the teams use for upload will be the hashtag received by email after registering, plus team name (e.g. #GROW20Team1). Don't forget to include #GROW2CEO as a separate hashtag so we can find your posts!

Social Media:

  • The social media channels used can be the students own social media, the school's social media or students can set up accounts just for the campaign.

Get Planting

  • Now the teams plant their rocket seeds. Each team gets a tub, there is 1 packet of rocket seeds for every 3 tubs so divide out the seeds (space them out as evenly as possible), water the seeds after planting, put the team name on the wooden spoon plant label and wait for your seeds to grow!

The Challenges

  • There are 4 challenges to complete. Each Monday an email with full challenge details will be sent to the email address used at registration. The details will also be uploaded to our website.


  • Teams need to start thinking about what recipe they can make with their rocket, the recipes can use rocket as the main ingredient, or as a garnish. The aim of the campaign is to get students thinking about food as a business and growing your own

Product Or Company

  • Teams should start thinking about and planning a product or company name for your recipe to be sold through, how it would be marketed and who your target audience would be. The final challenge will be based around this concept.