GIY @ Harvest Festival Waterford 2017

GROW, COOK, EAT at Harvest Fest!

Festival season goes out with a bang with Harvest Festival Waterford on the 8th, 9th and 10th September in Waterford City. With a Festival Market on the Mall, A Dawn Meats City Farm, Nutrition talks, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and evening events there is literally something for everyone. 

This is a truly brilliant event and GIY is delighted to be attending once again. Last year, at Harvest Festival, Metalman Brewing launched their now-iconic 'blaager' and GROW HQ catered the event, before we even opened the doors. 

This year we're back with loads of news about our (award-winning) food education centre, GROW HQ, a beautiful stage and loads of activities, from seed sowing in Ballybricken to inspirational herb talk in Cathedral Square. 

Most excitingly, we're hosting our own Harvest Feast on Saturday, September 9th in GROW HQ. We will serve you an outstanding four course meal including a delicious Blackwater Gin welcome drink, gorgeous, fresh food from our own gardens and produce from local legends like Walshs Bakehouse, Thin Gin, Butlers Farm and, of course, our Harvest buddies Metalman Brewing. In a tribute to our origins, Head Chef JB Dubois is including blaager in the first course. 

Find out more about Harvest Festival and book your tickets for the Harvest Feast at GROW HQ.