5 Tips For a Healthier Workplace

The Basics, A Healthy Workplace

Here are Michael Kelly’s top tips for putting food and food growing at the centre of your workplace.
1. Eat Together - Studies are suggesting that employees who don’t talk about topics other than work and eat at their desks may have poorer mental health than those who do.  Supporting healthy eating is fantastic but encouraging employees to take their lunch breaks and eat together is even better.
2. Get More plants - Research shows that certain plants act as air purifiers and also release oxygen into the atmosphere. This significantly improves indoor air quality and employee cognition. Good plants for indoors spaces include kale, mint, coriander, jade, bamboo and snake plants
3. Let’s Go Outside - Like plants, humans need regular exposure to UV light to encourage production of Vitamin D and elevate levels of serotonin in the body.  This makes us feel happier and more content.  Allowing for a few minutes of outside time during the day can dramatically increase employee wellbeing, particularly if there’s some nature involved (trees, plants, grass).
4. GROW Food.  Growing food is a mindful, hopeful, purposeful activity that reconnects you with food and health and can even be done your desk (we call it al-desko growing).  Some of our partner companies have put in veg gardens where employees can do some food growing on their breaks, getting your hands in the soil is known to boost serotonin levels and gives employees access to delicious, seasonal, organic food. 
5. Encourage volunteering - One guaranteed way to increase productivity in your office is to create a sense of purpose and belonging. Encouraging employees to contribute to something meaningful in the community, like a community garden, through paid staff leave, in or outside of normal working hours, is a fantastic way to develop organisational pride and improve employee morale.