Recipe of the Week - Mizuna Saffron Fish

The great Joy Larkcom can reasonably be credited with single-handedly introducing Irish and British growers to the delights of oriental greens, bringing them back from her trip to China in the mid 80’s, encouraging seed companies to stock them and writing about them in her columns to spread their popularity. This recipe comes from her wonderful book ‘Oriental Vegetables - The Complete Guide for the Gardening Cook’ (Frances Lincoln). Now resident (with Don) in West Cork, I’ve been lucky enough to visit her and can vouch that the lunch was as good as you would expect from the husband and wife team that first popularised these wonderful greens here.


• 100g whole shelled almonds
• 1 garlic clove, finely sliced
• 225g mizuna, chopped
• at least two different kinds of fish, about 700g in total e.g. cod, sea bass, monkfish
• saffron or turmeric
• fish or veg stock
• a few mussels or prawns


Stir-fry the almonds and sliced garlic in a wok in a little oil. Add the chopped mizuna and stir-fry lightly. Cut the fish in to 5cm pieces and press in to the mizuna. Season with salt, pepper and saffron or turmeric. Add just enough stock to cover the fish and mizuna., and simmer for about 10 minutes until the fish is cooked. Add a few cleaned mussels when cooking is underway to impart a lovely clean seafood flavour and a few prawns near the end of cooking.

After the initial cooking stage this dish could be finished in the oven.

Michael Kelly is a freelance journalist, author and founder of GIY.

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