Recipe of the Week - Jerusalem artichokes, leeks and black pudding

Recipe of the Week - Jerusalem artichokes, leeks and black pudding

I like this Nigel Slater recipe that pairs two things that I have in the garden right now (Jerusalem artichokes and leeks) with black pudding, with surprisingly delicious results.  In GROW HQ and here at home, we use Inch House fresh blood black pudding which is a brilliant, artisan produce with no unnatural additives.


  • Jerusalem artichokes 500g
  • olive oil 3 tbsp
  • butter 30g
  • thyme 6 sprigs
  • leeks 1 large
  • black pudding 300g
  • flat-leaf parsley a small handful


Scrub the artichokes well with a vegetable brush, making sure to get the soil from every ridge and crevice. Cut them into rounds no more than a centimetre thick.  Warm the olive oil and butter in a shallow pan over a moderate heat, tip in the artichokes and let them cook for 8-10 minutes. Pull the thyme leaves from their stems and add to the artichokes. As each artichoke slice becomes pale gold on the underside, turn it over with kitchen tongs or a palette knife and let the other side colour appetisingly. Wash and slice the leek into rounds, about the thickness of a coin.  Lift the artichokes out on to a plate. Tip the leeks into the pan and let them cook, with the occasional stir, so they become translucent, but do not brown. When the leeks are cooked, return the artichokes to the pan.  Cut the black pudding into 2cm-thick slices then add to the artichokes and leeks, crumbling into large pieces as you go. Pull the parsley leaves from their stems then add them to the pan. Serve when all is sizzling hot.