Lockdown GROWing

GROWing Indoors

Lockdown is here once again, let's turn our efforts to something positive - food growing! You can still grow food indoors and here we tell you how to do it.
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GROWing outdoors

As November approaches, you can still get GROWing outside, here you will find everything you will need to start GROWing some food yourself.
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Get your soil ready for next year

Learn how to prepare your soil to have a seam-free growing experience next year. It's all about the preparation
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Building raised beds

Autumn is a great time to put in raised beds. If you get them built in the autumn and early winter and filled with soil and compost, you can cover them down for the rest of the winter so that they will be bursting with nutrients and ready for planting next spring. Find out More

Plant a tree

Imagine if everyone took on the challenge to plant a fruit tree during lockdown? By planting fruit trees, we can help reduce the greenhouse effect and slow the rate of global warming. Not to mention, the numerous benefits of having a fruit tree in your back garden! Find out More