Innocent Big Grow

The big grow 2021 is a milestone year as it marks 10 years of GIY and innocent working together to give kids across Ireland & the UK everything they need to get growing.

The big grow is back, and it’s all about getting people growing their own veg at school and home. We’re working innocent to give 217,000 kids across the UK and Ireland everything they need to start growing. That’s a lot of green fingers, watch out Alan Titchmarsh.

This year, to start, we are giving away school growing kits to classrooms in the UK and Ireland. Our growing kits include everything kids in your class need to get growing;

· 5 large packs of seeds

· Lots if compost discs & cups for growing

· Teachers Resource Pack

· Star Grower Badge

We know that even a small food growing experience can have a BIG impact. And that’s what the innocent big grow does. It has a big impact on children by teaching them something we call Food Empathy.

Food Empathy is a deeper connection and understanding of food that comes through the power of food growing. Food Growers eat more locally and more seasonally. They eat more portions of fruit and vegetables every day and are more physically active. Food growing also does wonders for self-esteem and confidence.

Registrations for school kits are now closed but you can find great resources and details of our home competition now at